Standard Assessment Tests (SATs)

Year 6 SATs can be a daunting time for both parents and children. We can help your child practise the topics and skills needed to tackle the SATs, building their confidence in each element of the tests and the question types they’ll face.

students studyingOverview of Key Stage 2 SATS

These assessments take place in May of Year 6 (age 10/11) in English (grammar, punctuation, spelling and reading) and Maths. They help schools understand how best to support your child, ensure progress and maintain certain levels.

What do SATs measure?

  • The progress your child has made so far
  • Indicates the level your child is currently working at
  • Assesses your child’s understanding of multiple skills and concepts

English grammar, punctuation and spelling

The test requires children to identify and write sentences that have correct grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and spelling. They assess on the children’s technical understanding of the English language as well as their writing ability. It comprises of 3 papers:

  • English SPAG Paper 1: grammar & punctuation
  • English SPAG Paper 2: spelling
  • English reading

Paper 1 – A series of SPAG questions requiring short answers. Children will have 45 minutes to answer questions, which are worth a total of 50 marks.

Paper 2 – This is a spelling paper, children are given a section of text with 20 missing words. A test transcript is read by the test administrator and children have to spell the missing words in their answer booklet. The paper takes approximately 20 minutes but is not strictly timed. The spellings are worth 20 marks in total.

Reading –  This contains comprehension-based questions on three different genres of text. The test will have a reading booklet and a separate answer booklet. Children will have 60 minutes to read all three texts and complete the questions, which are worth a total of 50 marks.


  • Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic 
  • Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning 
  • Mathematics Paper 3: reasoning

Paper 1 – Largely arithmetic based, assessing the children’s grasp of mathematical calculations. The questions cover addition, subtraction, long division, long multiplication and more complex calculations including fractions. Children will have 30 minutes to answer the questions, which are worth 40 marks in total.

Paper 2 and 3 – Assess reasoning and problem solving. Both papers contain varied question types including multiple choice, true or false, constrained questions (giving the answer to a calculation, drawing a shape or completing a table/chart) and problem solving. Children will have 40 minutes per paper to answer the questions, which are worth 35 marks.

Are there any example questions I can look at?

Yes. The Department for Education has produced some free sample papers for the Key Stage 2 SATs tests that you can download.

To find out more about how we can support your child through their SATs, or to set up a trial session we’re here to help.

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Melissa TettenbornMelissa Tettenborn
16:20 27 Aug 23
My experience of Teach Wessex has been extremely positive and I am pleased to say the excellent tuition paid off at exam time. Here are some of the reasons why I would wholeheartedly recommend Teach Wessex tuition:- Katie’s administration was superb. She always kept us informed of any changes, texted reminders of sessions and communicated updates in a timely manner- Everyone at the company is professional and works with integrity- My daughter’s tutor, Gill, was knowledgeable. kind and calm- She taught at my daughter’s pace and linked sessions to her school work which ensured consistency of approach and learning- If we had a clash this was well managed and if notice given then sessions rearranged without fuss- Payment was regular and well handled.- My daughter felt valued and could see her progression which built confidenceOverall it has been an excellent experience and I would not hesitate to recommend Teach Wessex.
martin Applegatemartin Applegate
13:29 09 Jul 23
Our daughter had some private maths tuition with Gill leading up to her GCSE's. We couldn't have wished for a better tutor. The confidence it gave her, not only in maths but throughout every exam has been nothing short of amazing. Would we recommend Teach Wessex? Absolutely! Not only was the tuition 5☆, but also the communication from Katie, who kept us informed throughout the entire process. Gill/Katie, thank you again for all you help, I'm sure it will lead to better things for Emily.
nelsi villalonnelsi villalon
09:41 30 Mar 23
My son was struggling with maths and English and with the Sat's coming a friend recommended Teach Wessex tuitions and it was the best recommendation ever. Sapphire, my son's tutor is really professional and she has an excellent way of reaching to her students. My son was always willing to take his lessons and said how much he likes his tutor!
Amy KingAmy King
07:18 01 Nov 22
We've been nothing but impressed with the service we've received from Teach Wessex over the past two years. My daughter's sessions have been engaging and well structured and she's made excellent progress. The communication from Katie is brilliant and the mock exams provided us with invaluable feedback on areas to focus on leading up to the 11+ exam, meaning that she was as well prepared as she could be come the day of the test. Highly recommend!
Adam KingAdam King
14:05 19 Oct 22
Teach Wessex is an absolutely brilliant service - couldn't recommend it highly enough.We have had 2 children tutored by Phil now, both of which have excelled towards their goals through his exceptional teaching. Phil and Katie go above and beyond with their approach to guiding children and their parents along the way.Quite simply wouldn't even think of going anywhere else should our kids need tutoring again in the future. Keep up the great work!