Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.

Do you offer lessons at home?

No, we conduct all of our lessons online via Zoom. 

What is the maximum group size?

This depends on the age range of the group and the focus of it. Typically we can have up to a maximum of 2 students per group for our 11 Plus tuition, as this allows us to better meet the needs of the students and allows us to offer individual feedback throughout the lesson.

Are all of your tutors experienced?

​Yes, all of our tutors are trained teachers and are either currently working in local schools or have extensive experience in teaching their specific subject and are now exclusively tutoring.

Do any of your tutors have experience with Special Educational Needs?

​Yes, we have teachers who have worked in Special Education Schools and SEN trained.

Do you offer half an hour lessons?

​Yes, we offer a range of different duration sessions.

Why is online tuition important?

It gives your child the chance to learn at their own pace and in a way that matches their learning style. We have found that some children are often too shy to put their hands up in class, especially if they’re struggling. The reassurance of 1:1 tutoring means they can ask all the questions they want.

How much does a session cost?

Lessons are competitively priced and offer outstanding value for money. Information prices can be found here.

Will there be homework?

Homework is typically provided each week in order to reinforce the learning in the lessons.

What equipment do I need for online lessons?

You will need the following:

  • Laptop, computer or tablet
  • Internet connection
  • Zoom – click here to download the software for free
  • A microphone and speakers (built into most computers) or headphones
  • A web camera is essential as this enables the tutor to gauge your understanding

Why do people have tuition?

Here are just some of the reasons students come to Teach Wessex for tuition:

  • To supplement their school work
  • To improve their grade in a resit exam
  • When studying outside of conventional eduction e.g. home eduction
  • 11 Plus preparation

How often should my child have lessons?

This very much depends on the student and what they’re studying. Most students have regular weekly sessions at the same times each week.