Private Tuition

11 Plus

We specialise in 11 plus sessions and want to see that all pupils under our tuition are able to reach their potential.  Whilst we focus on the core skills required in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning, our sessions are broader giving students a solid and comprehensive set of skills.

Our focus is to help the students to build key skills, which will enable them to reach their potential throughout their lives.  We do not simply focus on passing the 11 plus exam, as we are teachers and not coaches.

11 Plus Mock Exams

The 11 Plus Mock exams can be useful in letting you know where your child sits vs others and in letting you know where some of their knowledge gaps are.

It’s an opportunity for students to practice what is required, and of course with practice we get better.  There can be a considerable difference in the way in which students perform in lessons, versus how they perform in a formal exam.

We also produce an in-depth report identifying areas of strength and those areas to focus on.

One to One

The pace of school life can mean that children fail to fully comprehend and embed core skills in English and Maths. Our specialist tutors can help to fill these gaps and to boost the self-esteem of children across the Key Stages.

Whether your child needs a boost in Maths or some inspiration in English, we have a range of teachers able to support them across Key Stages 1, 2 and 3.


GCSE’s can be a really challenging and stressful time. Our aim is to support all students through this process. 

Our tutors work with the students covering areas they don’t understand or need additional support in.  This is led by the students and focused on building knowledge and understanding of the subject, whilst boosting the students confidence and self-esteem. We also provide advice on exam techniques.

Our specialist tutors cover: Combined Science, Mathematics and English.


Do you offer lessons at home?

No, we conduct all of our lessons online via Zoom. 

What is the maximum group size?

This depends on the age range of the group and the focus of it. Typically we have a maximum of 3 students per group (Year 5) and 2 students per group (Year 4), as this allows us to better meet the needs of the students and allows us to offer individual feedback throughout the lesson.

Are all of your tutors experienced?

​Yes, all of our tutors are trained teachers and are either currently working in local schools or have extensive experience in teaching their specific subject and are now exclusively tutoring.

Do any of your teachers have experience with Special Educational Needs?

​Yes, we have teachers who have worked in Special Schools.

Do you offer half an hour lessons?

​Yes, we offer a range of different duration sessions.

Our Prices

We have a range of sessions and groups to make our service available to a wide range of parents.

One to One Teaching
1 hour session£32.50 per student
45 minute session £25.00 per student
Group of Four to One Teaching
1 hour session£16.50 per student